St. James Court Art Show ® was founded on October 12, 1957 by St. James Court Association president, Malcolm Bird. Back in 1957, St James Court Association was faced with an empty treasury, mounting debt for recent fountain repairs, and an immediate need to generate funds. The Art Show seemed to be a perfect means to pay the bills and bring residents together.

The Art Show started simply enough. “At first, it was to be an art exhibit only, although open to anyone wishing to enter an exhibit. The pictures were hung on a clothesline extending from tree to tree,” wrote Marguerite Gifford in her 1966 history, St. James Court in Retrospect.

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Old photo of the St. James Court Fountain

The St. James Court Art Show ® was originally established to provide necessary funding to maintain the St. James Court grounds and fountain.

Proceeds from the show continue to allow St. James Court Association and Belgravia Court Association to fund ongoing grounds upkeep and neighborhood beautification efforts. Additionally, Fourth Street Association has utilized Art Show proceeds to fund the installation of new benches, urns and trash bins along Fourth Street. Art show proceeds also funded the Linear Park at 3rd & Hill and installation of period street lights.

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